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What is the cost of buying/using this bidding software.
The first 30 days are free, use this time to get familiar with the software. When your ready to purchase your single user license key, the cost is $295.00 The license key will be provided to you for you to enter into the registration page and then the program is unlocked and yours to use freely.
Downloaded and installed the wrong version or want to uninstall
This is also an easy fix!  First your will have to go to the Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program and remove ARS. Then simply download the correct version and reinstall.



What products/manufactures can I use in your bidding program?
Currently our A.R.S. (standard version) Contractor program is sold as an open data base, which will allow the end user to set it up for multiple Manufactures products and Systems. We are working on Manufacture specific versions to be released within the coming years.
What systems (foam, single ply, BUR, etc.) will it calculate for me?
A.R.S. Contractor is based on Square foot estimating. With the “Standard” version the user must set up initially with their square foot prices.


I.E. – 1 – 1000 SQ’ 1.5″ SPF Foam & Coatings, Applied to Manufactures Specifications $4.95

1001 – 10,000 SQ’ 1.5″ SPF Foam & Coatings Applied to Manufactures Specifications $4.70

Over -10,000 SQ’ 1.5″ SPF Foam & Coatings, Applied to Manufactures Specifications $4.50

The concept is simple, what will the market bear? The quickest way to determine this is by performing a market survey for your target area and establishing your own market rates, these should set up initially along with your company information. With the ever changing economy; setting predetermined overhead and profit margins must be figured into your square foot base prices. We have allowed for add ons; such as replacement of existing skylights. These add ons could be added as a non taxable item or added to your total square foot price on the fly.

What kind of flexibility do we have within the software?
You have full control of adding or editing a roofing system or specification to fit your company needs, this is accomplished through the [setup], [System Description} here you can also add or edit your square foot pricing as needed.
How to add additional descriptions and sq ft prices that will then populate into the proposal and other documents?
Yes, there are two ways that this can be accomplished, the best way would be to add an additional system as described above. -or- you could simply add your text into the “Work Requested” Field from the jobs screen (this area is reserved for additional work requested)and manually enter your SQ’ price on the next screen.
How do I educate myself on your software?
We have spent many hours putting together an actual software simulation, that will also act as a tutorial to teach proper workflow, company setup, entering your first job, and running reports. We have also provided videos through our learning channel.
What if my logo is only in text format?
Logo’s are typically in a .jpg, .bmp or some type of image format, so that is what the software is designed for. Please contact our partner Redefine-Life if you are needing help in designing your logo. Or you could make a simple text logo through the use of Microsoft Paint and save the file to a .JPG then link it to your software through the [setup], [Your Company Setup] area.
How are updates handled?
Updates will be sent out via e-mail and  they will consist of Manufacture Specific Warranty changes. These will be emailed to subscribers whom have registered their software for versions 2.1.1 or greater.
When new features are added will these be provided or will we have to re-purchase the software?
Software revisions will be rolled out on an annual basis and will be made available for purchase at that time, this approach is common among software developers such as Adobe, Microsoft, etc… technical issues with the software will be addressed at no charge.
What kind of Support do you offer?
World Class! For your learning convience we have provided software simulations, so you may learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. We respond to support tickets within 24 business hours, typically within hours of your submitted request. To submit a support ticket please fill out the entire form below including what issues you are having and your contact information. To contact our voice mail service please call (816) 834-9277, if you’re requesting a call back please leave your contact information.
NO pretty buttons?
]By default the program is set up to use Window Themed Controls on forms, try setting your theme to something other than Windows Classic. To do this navigate to the control panel/personalize/change theme
Is your software compatible with Apple computers?
How to Run Microsoft Access on a Mac

Parallels Website Link


ARS Contractor is designed for Windows PC, you could partition your Hard Drive on your MAC and install Windows on this partition. The following video may help with this process, please watch the entire video before attempting this process (We do not offer support for Apple computers)

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