Complete Roofing Package

Experience the Windows 8.1 tablet that everyone has been talking about. Pre-Loaded with Accu-Rix Software, the perfect tools you need to define professionalism to your clients. Intel Atom Z3740D Processor (2MB Cache, up to 1.8GHz Quad-Core) | Windows 8.1 | 32 or 64 GB Flash Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory | 8-Inch Display

Conklin Bidding Package

Preloaded with Accu-Rix Software

How are you perceived?

We have taken A.R.S. Contractor to the next level and redesigned from the ground up based on your recommendations! We are very excited for this release and to make it more affordable, we have also reduced the price! Download the free trial version and see for yourself!

What’s New for 2015?

Link to Redefine Life, we build websites

Need a roofing website?

For starters we have a brand new Website created by Redefine-Life, we hope you enjoy.

Version 2.1.1

We have improved the cosmetics of the program and your experience by making the interface even more user friendly than before.

Functionality is so simple and efficient, that it may take longer to start your computer than entering a bid!

Here are some New Features for Version 2.1.1

Updated Version of Access Run Time, for smooth operation across multiple windows platforms and added security.

  • Innovative Background Graphics; easy on the eyes.
  • Contemporary buttons;  the entire interface has been redesigned for an even more simple workflow.
  • Custom Report Ribbon, that is always present and provides convenient access to print, make a PDF, email etc..
  • New Backup/Restore Function
  • Added email and web fields to the Customer Records section; adding CRM functionality helps you to manage your contacts.
  • Enhanced Customer Records Export option, easier to use.
  • Zoom Feature added to many fields to assist with adding, editing and viewing large amounts of text.
  • Renewable warranty section allows a simple import function for manufacture warranty changes.
  • Warranty product section records your Product/Gallons/Batch#’s with each job and a nice printable report for your records.
  • Company Setup- NEW and VASTLY improved way to add your company LOGO to the program.
  • MR Check box added; Adds 20% to your square footage instantly, making bids for Metal Roof Systems seamless!

We love your feedback and are open to suggestions and comments which can be submitted below.

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