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Accu-Rix Software Free Trial

 Accu-Rix Software Free Trial


Featured 1a_ARS_Standard_aClick here for the Standard Version

The STANDARD Version comes with an open database, which is fully customizable and of course you can set it up for multiple products, specifications and descriptions to match any materials you are working with. Both versions have a FREE 30 day trial period!


Accu-Rix Software PurchaseClick here if you are ready to purchase

If you have already downloaded and installed your free trial version and are ready to purchase or register. $295.00

Dell Tablet & Accu-Rix Software

Your portable office

Click here if you would like to purchase the Professional Roofing Package! This package includes a premium Windows 8.1 Tablet with the Accu-Rix Contractor software all set up and ready to impress!  $595.00

Here’s how it works

First you download one of the FREE trial versions above and install the software on your windows based machine. Then feel free to watch the tutorial videos on our ARS Learning Channel and learn how to properly set up your company and enter your first job. Then when you are comfortable and ready to purchase your single user license, you can click the link located inside the program -or- you can click here to purchase your license key for either version.


Accu-Rix Software Free Trial; Once completing the free transaction, you will be able to click directly on the Download Link from your account here on Accu-Rix.com

We have provided short videos to help with the installation and setup of the program to fit your needs.

InstallationAccu-Rix Learning Channel

Company Setup

Entering your first job

Software Simulator


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